• Amazingly Enchanting Natural Spots In San Francisco

    View Of Golden Gate Bridge

    San Francisco is a paradise for nature lovers because there are countless locations here that are perfect to commune with nature. Visitors feel an instant attraction to the city whenever they come across such great locations in San Francisco. They are overpowered by the hypnotic charm of these great natural wonders in San Francisco. Here are some of these enchanting spots in San Francisco that one must visit.

    Muir Woods

    Muir Woods is an ideal spot to visit in order to feel the real essence of San Francisco. One gets true redwood experience after coming to this spot. The best part is that the location is simply 12 miles from the city. So, one could enter this mystical place by covering a small distance. Visitors are invariably amazed to see towering trees which are as old as 1200 years, and as tall as 258 feet.

    The Presidio

    Considering the small area in which the whole city is spread, the hiking trails at The Presidio extend a whopping 11 miles, and take the visitors through Golden Gate Promenade, Crissy Field, Baker Beach, and Fort Point. So, one gets a chance to see sweeping views of the bridge from Golden Gate Promenade.

    Mount Tamalpais

    One is rewarded with splendid views of the ocean while climbing the biking and hiking trails here. The hike takes one to the height of 2571 feet, and is one of the most memorable hikes that one could ever climb. One gets a chance to get closer to nature.

    Angel Island

    Angel Island enjoys the distinction of being the largest island on San Francisco Bay. The experience of biking here is simply unsurpassed, since one gets to see sweeping views of the surroundings. Tourists enjoy staying in the campsites here. Moreover, there are a number of hiking trails here that cover the distance of 13 miles. There is a hiking trail that takes one to as far as Mt. Livermore, which is situated at the height of 788 foot.

    Golden Gate Park

    Golden Gate Park enjoys the distinction of being the biggest park in San Francisco. Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful parks as well. The park is open to bikers and joggers on weekends, since the main drive is closed. There is a dazzling array of beautiful spots here including lakes, museums, and gardens, to name a few.

    Ocean Beach

    Ocean Beach is the most popular spot among the surfers. One could do a number of activities here including skating, strolling, playing volleyball, etc. A lot of visitors enjoy sitting around a bonfire and play their favourite musical numbers. Moreover, there are the historical and iconic Sutro Baths that are located towards the north end.

    Golden Gate Bridge

    One could jog, bike, or walk across the famous Golden Gate Bridge for 1.7 miles and enjoy stunning views of the bay from here. People love watching the views of the city from Vista Point. Moreover, the hikes lead one to the Marin Headlands as well. Though the hike is steep here, still one gets a chance to experience the wilderness in such close proximity to the city.

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